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Care Like Only a Mother Can Give

Over the past 30 years, our growth has been centered on you and excellence in healthcare. Today, with a top-notch professional team, latest equipments and modern facilities for 300 beds, PRS Hospital continues to offer multi super specialities right in the heart of Trivandrum city. As all major organisations, PRS Hospital also had a very humble beginning. In 1986, when it started, it had 10 doctors, 40 staff and was a 75 bedded hospital. Today, it is a very large organisation having more than 100 consultants, 30 junior doctors and over 750 staff. From a small mother and child hospital, it has become a tertiary care hospital with more than 30 clinical departments and 300 beds. For us, your health comes first. You are our core specialization.

Cardiac Care

From a humble beginning in 1990, the cardiology unit of PRS Hospital has grown into a huge flagship department, imparting patient care, education and research.

IVF and Fertility

PRS Fertility & IVF Centre the best IVF hospital in Trivandrum, Kerala aims at fulfilling the hopes of infertile couple and strives to provide advanced fertility services under the brand PRS– IVF ,another superspecialty in the 28 year old patient welfare services of PRS Hospital.

Neuro Care Unit

This is a five bedded unit for the support of early strokes, seizure disorders, neuro and spine trauma and other neurologic conditions. It is equipped with state - of - the - art patient monitors, ventilators, non invasive respiratory devices.

Liver Clinic

We are conducting a Liver clinic which is the first in Thiruvananthapuram for the last one year. All patients with chronic liver diseases, conjunctal liver diseases especially alcoholic liver diseases do attend this clinic.

To provide quality health care to varied sections of the society at competitive cost